IT Services

As a professional IT services and solutions provider, Cloud4Rain collaborates with clients to reach their business goals. We focus on proficiently filling the gaps in their digital infrastructures in such a way that optimizes their resources, their access to information and their business processes. Every solution is tailored according to business requirements and in the most cost-efficient way possible.

01. SAP

Cloud4Rain helps you leverage on the endless advantages of SAP by choosing the most suitable module implementation for financial management, supply chain activities, product cycles, data analysis and performance evaluations for your business.

02. IT Consultation

Our team of experts takes a full view of clients’ IT operations, analyzes the challenges they may or may not be aware of, and help them overcome them efficiently and in line with their strategic objectives and ITIL standards. Cloud4Rain ensures your seamless operations and provides reliable and comprehensive on-site and 24/7 remote virtual assistance.

03. Networks

Having a well-designed, reliable and secure network exponentially improves the efficiency of your business. Cloud4Rain solutions offer a consistent user experience using technologies that increase performance and lower risks.

04. Migration and Deployment

Data migration can seem daunting, but with our proven no-downtime track record, Cloud4Rain experts will help you make the transition as seamlessly as possible, in addition to providing continuous support. We also put your new systems through extensive tests that ensure optimal performance.

05. Security and Compliance

Security is a mandate in businesses today. Our expert strategies ensure your data is secure and complies with industry safety and compliance standards through risk assessment activities, documenting processes and identifying security gap risks.

06. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Creating a robust, recoverable IT environment requires ample knowhow that our experts at Cloud4Rain have. We help you move beyond backup to achieve business sustainability and resilience, accurately anticipate risk, and always move forward.

07. Enterprise Services

Our expertise at Cloud4Rain includes specialized members that custom-build ERP and offer advanced Oracle and SAP support and system migration. Our teams make sure your business availability, compatibility, performance and security are always reliable.

08. IT Environment Analytics (Octopus)

IT Services incidents like performance issues, access loss, data loss and outages are cost and time intensive as well as business and reputation damaging. Our ‘Automated IT Health Diagnostic & Incident Elimination’ service is helping here.

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