Cloud Solutions

Cloud4Rain solutions are diverse, and always in line with best practices and standards. Our teams recommend the cloud adoption models that best suit our clients’ business needs, making sure they correspond with the security, scalability and performance expected.

01. Public Cloud

Cloud4Rain is partnered with the world’s most trusted and respected third-party cloud providers, including IBM, Microsoft Azure and AWS, hence offering you flexible, versatile and revenue-generating solutions.

02. Private Cloud

Through Cloud4Rain’s trusted partners, the private cloud’s resources are at your disposal, along with added privacy, flexibility and scalability.

03. Hybrid Cloud

Our Cloud4Rain experts are here to help you choose the best hybrid cloud solution for your business, incorporating the scaling, data access and privacy levels you need.

04. IaaS

Cloud4Rain teams oversee the digital transformation clients go through as they utilize IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), making sure the process is smooth and cost-efficient.

05. PaaS

Through Cloud4Rain’s trusted PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers, your business can have a more robust infrastructure, dynamic scaling and flexible payment plans.

06. SaaS

Using the multitenant architecture and customization features of SaaS (Software as a Platform), our experts will tailor your package to meet your business needs from our diverse circle of vendors.

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