With faster internet bandwidth and advanced load balancing algorithms, Peplink will greatly enhance your company’s network operations. Our IT teams at Cloud4Rain help you choose the most suitable Peplink device for seamless network management. Assessments are made with the aim to optimize bandwidth aggregation for ADSL, 4G and MPLS, as well as develop bandwidth management capabilities through GUI.

The Peplink Balance SD-WAN router lets you take control of your WAN and achieve unbreakable Internet connectivity. Centralized cloud management simplifies network setup, configuration, and maintenance.

Network Management

  • Built-In Remote User VPN Support
  • SIM-card USSD support
  • Time-Based Condiguration
  • LAN as WAN
  • PepVPN Port Forwarding
  • Outbound policies within as SF Tunnel

Network Security

  • URL Logging
  • Content Blocking
  • Web Filtering Blacklists
  • Guest Protection of Subnets

Network Resilience

  • Drop-in Mode and LAN Bypass
  • High Availability via VRRP
  • USB Modem and Android Tethering
  • IP Passthrough Failover
  • SpeedFusion Disaster Recovery Support

Traffic Management

  • QoS:Clearer VoIP
  • Per-User Bandwidth Control
  • LACP NIC Bonding
  • Port-Based VLAN
  • SIM Bandwidth Pooling
  • Roaming Country Selection

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