Who Cloud4Rain?

Creators of quality solutions and thinker of fresh ideas.

Cloud4Rain is your proficient partner to digital and technological agility. Since our inauguration, the company has successfully created value and generated noteworthy strategic returns to numerous clients. The diversity of the services and partner products we provide, coupled with the refined expertise of our teams, strike the balance between quality, value and business requirements.

Our goal is the success of our clients’ businesses, and every business is unique. By focusing on identifying your IT needs, we at Cloud4Rain deliver digital enterprise solutions that are ideal for you. We customize our offerings with every project we undertake, all while adhering to the highest and latest international standards and technologies.

Why Cloud4Rain ?

We are an IT solutions company with a strategic vision

Cloud4Rain was founded in 2016 between a group of young entrepreneurs from different information technology backgrounds, including digital transformation, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and enterprise software. Their combined expertise gave rise to the company’s diverse portfolio of services and products, and their keenness on keeping the teams constantly updated with the latest IT services and solutions truly sets the company apart.

At Cloud4Rain, we value principles of quality, integrity, and continuity, which is why we succeeded in becoming an IBM Golden Partner as early as the company’s startup. As a group of IT solutions with a strategic vision and the expertise needed to be flexible in this versatile and ever-changing industry, the company always complies with ITIL standards. The tailored solutions we provide are proposed for business sustainability, and always answer to the particular needs and industries of our clients.

Our Mission

Ours is a simple yet daring goal; to help our clients thrive in their respective fields by delivering the latest technology solutions that increase their revenues and cut their costs. With the support of our expert team and our pool of global partners and vendors, we arm enterprises with the cloud computing, IT and digital infrastructure solutions that truly empower their businesses. Cloud4Rain solutions calibrate cost, risk, innovation and best practices in such a way that makes the growth and success of our clients a natural result.

Global and regional industry leaders whose products and services are renowned and credited.